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We are building algorithmic software solutions for pathologists, radiologist, clinicians and researchers to accelerate and improve the accuracy of breast cancer & lung infection detection, classification and staging. We are now ready to partner with clinical experts from private and public Health Institutions in Nigeria, to address the needs of clinicians, their teams, and their institutions. With the help of AI, world-class data, and clinical expertise, we will propel breast cancer and infectious disease care with more powerful and efficient tools for diagnosis, treatment selection and drug development


Pathology Insights

Pathology is the cornerstone of breast cancer diagnoses. Hofac aims to leverage cutting-edge AI to provide powerful new insights to pathologists, radiologists, researchers, and pharmaceutical development teams.​

Artificial Intelligence

We provide Clinical-grade, robust machine learning algorithms, and an infrastructure specifically designed for computational pathology. Artificial intelligence is at the core of what we do and the bespoke solution we offer.

Real-Time Dashboards

Our AI suite is designed to guide radiologists, clinicians and researchers via our robust clinical decision support systems, providing clinical experts with the potential to gain efficiencies and reproducibility for their data analyses

Startup Grants

We fund early stage digital healthcare startups to boost thier ideas.

Code Camps

We organize FREE world class coding camps for teens between 12 & 20 yrs

Creative Research

We partner with teams bringing new therapeutics to the market

Why You Should Talk To Us

Our short term plan is to deliver a series of AI modules that allow pathologists & radiologists to improve the scalability of their work, and thus provide better care, at lower cost. Our medium to long-term plan is to develop prognostic tools that integrate computational pathology with electronic health records, genomic and other clinical data to provide clinicians with layers of information to better optimize patient care.

We will eliminate cases where breast cancer was misdiagnosed

We have designed, built and trained world class deep learning models

We will train our models with tons of real world medical images from local sources.

We will provide cutting-edge web dashboard solutions to our clinical partners for data visualization.

Our Tech Work History is Tested & Trusted

We are a small team of passionate individuals with a common goal: to improve cancer and infectious disease diagnosis and care. We are leading the revolution in digital healthcare – both with our ground-breaking research and in bringing this valuable technology to clinics in Nigeria. Our AI pipeline allows us to test hypotheses quickly, requires no annotation, and allows for unbiased pattern discovery.


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